🛠️How does SAFU 2.0 works?

The SAFU 2.0 protocol provides a feature called Buy-Hold-Earn, which allows holders to earn rewards by purchasing and holding Safuu 2.0 tokens. These rewards are in the form of interest payments that are deposited directly into the holder's wallet. The protocol pays out reflections in BUSD rewards based on the token's volume, typically every hour.

SAFU 2.0 also incorporates a distribution mechanism that allocates token rewards proportionally to the period rewards. Initially, the period rewards are set at a rate of 7.083% per month. The rewards received by holders are determined by the ratio of the total supply of Safuu 2.0 tokens to the total amount held in their wallets.

It's important to note that the rewards are distributed to all Safuu 2.0 holders during each period, which lasts for a 15-minute duration. The rewards update automatically after a certain period of time or when there is a sell transaction, triggering an update in all wallets.

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