🌀NFT Set

Soon our team will release the first NFT set called SAFU 2.0. This set consists of 300 unique NFTs that can be staked to earn additional tokens. By staking these NFTs, holders can participate in the staking program offered by the SAFU 2.0 Dapp.

Staking the SAFU 2.0 NFTs allows holders to earn rewards in the form of tokens. The reward rate is an APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of 20 tokens per day. This means that by staking the NFTs, holders have the potential to earn 20 tokens as a daily reward.

Our Dapp provides the platform for users to stake their NFTs and participate in the staking program. Users can access the SAFU 2.0 Dapp running on Android or iOS platforms. The Dapp offers a user-friendly interface and functionalities to facilitate the staking process and provide information about earnings and rewards.

It's worth noting that staking NFTs involves locking them up for a specific period, during which holders may not have immediate access to them. However, in return for staking, they can earn rewards or other benefits provided by the protocol.

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