Safuu 2.0 goes beyond token auto-staking and extends its staking capabilities to NFTs as well. By utilizing the SAFU 2.0 dApp, users have the opportunity to stake their NFTs and earn rewards in the form of Safuu 2.0 tokens.

When staking SAFU 2.0 NFTs through the dApp, holders can enjoy a sustainable reward rate of 20 Safuu 2.0 tokens per day. This reward rate remains constant, regardless of the number of NFTs staked. Whether you stake one NFT or multiple NFTs, you can earn the same rate of 20 Safuu 2.0 tokens daily.

This auto-staking feature allows users to effortlessly grow their Safuu 2.0 token holdings by simply holding and staking their NFTs through the SAFU 2.0 dApp. The process is designed to be user-friendly and convenient, ensuring a seamless experience for token holders.

By embracing this staking mechanism, users can both showcase their unique NFT collection and passively earn rewards in the form of Safuu 2.0 tokens. It offers an exciting opportunity for NFT enthusiasts to further engage with the SAFU 2.0 ecosystem and benefit from their NFT holdings.

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